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Better late than never - My Prom Adventure

Doctor Who rocks!

Well, of course Doctor Who rocks - what else is new. But even more so after visiting Prom 10 (you guessed rightly, the Doctor Who Prom!) on July, 24!
I know, I might be somewhat late for the party, but I was busy....doing....things! Important things! Distracting things! But tonight I was not, so

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Days well spent

Yay, I've got Windows 7 now!

Had been living with Vista before and it drove me mad for a million reasons, but especially because it felt / was insufferably slow!
So I bought Windows 7 and spent my free Tuesday having fun installing the system software and all of my beloved programs again and I am quite content. Win7 agrees with me far better then Vista ever did, I might even come to like it better then I did XP, eventually, we'll see. It is/feels (?) a lot faster, which makes me especially happy, since I can be quite impatient.
While I was at it a also got myself a nice little Blu-Ray drive and snatched an old 500GB-HDD discarded by my bf, so I'm at 1TB of disc space finally! (yeah, I know, I'm easily amused, obviously)
To round off the day, I decided to have a very intimate encounter with my keyboard (a Logitech G15). I had the inexplicable urge to get out all the cat hair, bread-crumbs and all kinds of undefinable tiny bits accumulated over the past 2 years from between the keys and the vacuum-cleaner just didn't get the job done to my satisfaction. So I decided to get down to business and disassemble the thing (keyboard that is, not vac). There must be about 40 screws in it! And, helpful as he is, my tom tried to spread those screws in as many places as possible while I was busy getting rid of the dirt of ages, thank you very much.
But, after lots of scrubbing, hunting for lost screws and applying pressure, I'm happy to announce that everything seems to be working just fine again. Just cleaner...for now. ;) Ah, and there is a strange tension on the back of the frame of the keyboard (where the power supply cable leaves the casing)....wonder, where that came from *cough*. But the screws seem to hold it together!
So, all in all, that's what I call a day well spent! Haven't done that much fiddleing in quite a while and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Ah, in case anybody happens to come by and read this:
I'll try and dabble in making picspams and maybe even some icons - which is far more trying than I expected. For the icons I would also like to try creating some animated gifs, can anybody recommend a free animated gif creator software?


I’ve finished re-watching Doctor Who yesterday and it was dreadful…kind of. As was to be expected, I began to continually sniffle into my shirt when Wilf and Ten had their talk on the Vinvocci-spaceship, ending up sobbing by the time Ten had his rant against the unfairness of life, the universe and everything and again when he said his goodbyes to Jack and Donna until he finally regenerated. Into Matt Smith. Who actually succeeded in making me laugh (briefly), before the resentment set in again (yeah, I know, I will give him a fair chance, promise. But not just right after Ten “dies”!).
I still tried to keep the sobbing to a minimum (only partly succeeding), since my “significant other” was watching with me, and though he does in fact know that I’m somewhat crazy, I actually didn’t want to push the boundaries. He doesn’t get why I am so obsessed with Doctor Who and obviously David Tennant as well (and who can blame him for that, really. I don’t even know where that came from!).

Anyway…I could ignore the fact of David Tennant leaving the show reasonably well after the first time I watched The End of Time since I was just starting with my second go round of series 1 of the Box-Set then, DT’s time as the Doctor still ahead of me. But this time there is nothing for me to look forward to and I have to finally accept it and let the fact settle.What I don’t really get is why the “loss” of a fictional character manages to upset me that much. I feel like I’ve lost someone very dear to me. When I woke up this morning that was my first thought and I felt –still feel - all achy inside. That is kind of pathetic, isn’t it…
The last remotely similar thing I remember experiencing I guess was my obsession with "Queen" back in the nineties, but I was only a teenager then and probably emotionally unstable (as teenagers usually are). But what’s my excuse this time? Probably still am emotionally unstable, then. ;)

To end my day on a happier note I watched episode 2 of “Blackpool”, which I bought in great foresight before finishing with Doctor Who, and –though trying – hardly could keep myself from squeeing whenever David appeared on screen (significant other again, you might have guessed). I found it especially difficult to “not squee” when Dave started singing, I might need to make up for that now *squee**squee*.

On a side note: It would be really nice to know someone equally fangirlish to watch those shows with. Imagine all the uninhibited sobbing and squeeing!

Conclusion: I am a fangirl. I am really, REALLY obsessed with David Tennant and Doctor Who. I am somewhat pathetic.
"It's just a phase she's going through!" We will see.

Winter Wonderland!

Now that’s what I call winter! Some proper snow, finally. The Doctor surely would approve! :)

I grew up in the country in Bavaria and there, winters tend to come up with lots of snow. Compared to that, winter in the city usually looks quite bleak: Rainy, grey, dirty, maybe a little muddy. So even though I’m not really that big of a winter-fan, who could not just love the way the world finally disappears under a cover of white snow for a change. Big white flakes falling from the sky, burying everything beneath them, muting the city-noise and hiding all the ugly concrete, pavements and dirt under a white blanket. I'm not sure what brought on this mood, since I usually am more of a summer-person, but it's probably kind of romantic, I guess. Today we even had sunshine and blue skies along with the snow!

Well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Won’t probably be for too long anyway.

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The End of Time, Part 2

So, finally I’m done processing what I’ve seen on “The End of Time Part 2”. And it was quite a lot. It left me kind of bereft, which was good, since that’s exactly what I’d expect from the end of an era (oh how I’m going to miss Ten).

Before I start though I guess I need to say one thing in advance: I am not really too firm in canon, as I’ve never watched the old Doctor Who series and I’ve only watched the New Who-episodes once. (Actually I started about a week ago getting through all the new series for a second time because I bought the DVD-Box-Set. And I must say I enjoy it even more than I did the first time around.)

I also might still miss a thing or two due to my English not being as good as I’d like it to be (my first language is German and I’ve never had the chance to improve my English over an extended time in any English speaking countries abroad) so maybe there are things I complain about / don’t understand just because I didn’t pay attention or didn’t get it when watching the series the first time.

But back to the finale: I liked this episode much better then EoT Part 1, as it was much more about the Doctor and what he is going through. I’ll try and list what I liked / didn’t like about this episode, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit random…anyway, here it goes:


The End of Time, Part 1 - Impressions

I got to watch “The End of Time” Part 1 yesterday. Of course I’ve been looking forward to this since “The Waters of Mars” (which I really enjoyed due to the very dark Emo!Doctor).

I’m not quite sure however how I feel about “The End of Time”. It was really fast and I had the feeling The Doctor was rushed through everything because there was no time. I had really hoped for more of a character study of The Doctor in this episode, the way it started in “The Waters of Mars”. Hopefully there will be some more of that in “The End of Time” Part 2 next week.

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I have seen James Cameron’s „Avatar” yesterday. I was pretty wrecked as a result of my work place’s Christmas party the night before from which I returned - quite drunk - at about four in the morning only to get ready for the day again at 8. You can imagine it was a pretty slow day at work after that….but since those of my colleagues who had to be there at work with me were pretty beat themselves I didn’t really stand out. (Note to self for next year’s Christmas party: take the following day off!) But I digress….back to the topic at hand.

So after very little sleep, too much alcohol and a “busy day” at work, we had tickets at our favorite cinema (the one place around here that shows original versions only, that is no – usually awful – German synchronization. The film started at around 23:15 and I was really worried that I would fall asleep somewhere in the middle, but when I got out of the theatre at 2 o’clock I was still wide awake.

I had seen 3D-movies before, like Coraline or Ice Age 3 and I thought 3D a nice gimmick – but nothing too special. But “Avatar” is different. It was really, really impressive. Especially since it was really hard to tell which parts were CGI only and which parts were “real”. (I think I’ve read somewhere it’s 40:60, actually)
The whole world Cameron invented is really beautiful. The scenery an all those little details you see in the jungle really catch the eye. It was worth watching just for that. So I would highly recommend watching the film in 3D, since that part is half the fun.
The last time I felt like that watching a film was when I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings on premiere day.

The story of Avatar is nothing too special, but nice enough. The whole “remote control”-thing was something I really liked (if you don’t look at it from too scientific a point of view ;)). It also did remind me of Tad Williams’ “Otherworld” (which, with the exception of book 2, I quite enjoyed back then), although in those books you don’t get your own grown biological avatar but only a virtual representation. Still, leaving the body behind like that to “be” in a different world with a different body is a tempting thought.


First steps

Not quite sure how I got here. Suddenly found myself creating an account. And since I've been a lurker in this community for some time now I might as well start posting stuff .... if I ever do have something worthwhile to say.

Last I kept a journal I was in my teens....let's say a while ago. But back then I liked keeping one. And today it's still a nice reminder of my time as an adolescent. (not that I'd like to relive that time *shudder*)

So I'll try to collect my thoughts here and share them with people who are interested or bored enough to read my posts.

English is not my first language, so I'd really love to get to know people - wherever they are from - whose first language is English (preferably) and with whom I can practice a little. :)
Also, I'd love to be able to think of - and write - some fanfic (I'm a huge Ten/Jack-Shipper), since I've read so many great stories on LJ (which actually brought me here in the first place). But until now I've proven, as it seems, to have too little imagination, so I'll stick to reading for now, admiring other people's writing skills and creativity. :)

My short term plans for now are things like uploading a userpic or editing my user profile.

If anybody reads this, any comments are very welcome, since I'm only now "moving in" here and trying to get comfortable.