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Winter Wonderland!

Now that’s what I call winter! Some proper snow, finally. The Doctor surely would approve! :)

I grew up in the country in Bavaria and there, winters tend to come up with lots of snow. Compared to that, winter in the city usually looks quite bleak: Rainy, grey, dirty, maybe a little muddy. So even though I’m not really that big of a winter-fan, who could not just love the way the world finally disappears under a cover of white snow for a change. Big white flakes falling from the sky, burying everything beneath them, muting the city-noise and hiding all the ugly concrete, pavements and dirt under a white blanket. I'm not sure what brought on this mood, since I usually am more of a summer-person, but it's probably kind of romantic, I guess. Today we even had sunshine and blue skies along with the snow!

Well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Won’t probably be for too long anyway.

I took some pictures on my way to work yesterday while it was still snowing. In doing so I noticed that although I’ve been living here for more than eight years now I haven’t ever taken any pictures of my neighbourhood (neither in winter nor in summer).

Well, probably not really missed too much though. ;)

Anyway, you can see for yourselves here (the pictures are taken with my (almost brand new) Samsung smartphone...and the camera sucks! But never mind):

That's home.


And that's my way from the subway to work.