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First steps

Not quite sure how I got here. Suddenly found myself creating an account. And since I've been a lurker in this community for some time now I might as well start posting stuff .... if I ever do have something worthwhile to say.

Last I kept a journal I was in my teens....let's say a while ago. But back then I liked keeping one. And today it's still a nice reminder of my time as an adolescent. (not that I'd like to relive that time *shudder*)

So I'll try to collect my thoughts here and share them with people who are interested or bored enough to read my posts.

English is not my first language, so I'd really love to get to know people - wherever they are from - whose first language is English (preferably) and with whom I can practice a little. :)
Also, I'd love to be able to think of - and write - some fanfic (I'm a huge Ten/Jack-Shipper), since I've read so many great stories on LJ (which actually brought me here in the first place). But until now I've proven, as it seems, to have too little imagination, so I'll stick to reading for now, admiring other people's writing skills and creativity. :)

My short term plans for now are things like uploading a userpic or editing my user profile.

If anybody reads this, any comments are very welcome, since I'm only now "moving in" here and trying to get comfortable.