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I have seen James Cameron’s „Avatar” yesterday. I was pretty wrecked as a result of my work place’s Christmas party the night before from which I returned - quite drunk - at about four in the morning only to get ready for the day again at 8. You can imagine it was a pretty slow day at work after that….but since those of my colleagues who had to be there at work with me were pretty beat themselves I didn’t really stand out. (Note to self for next year’s Christmas party: take the following day off!) But I digress….back to the topic at hand.

So after very little sleep, too much alcohol and a “busy day” at work, we had tickets at our favorite cinema (the one place around here that shows original versions only, that is no – usually awful – German synchronization. The film started at around 23:15 and I was really worried that I would fall asleep somewhere in the middle, but when I got out of the theatre at 2 o’clock I was still wide awake.

I had seen 3D-movies before, like Coraline or Ice Age 3 and I thought 3D a nice gimmick – but nothing too special. But “Avatar” is different. It was really, really impressive. Especially since it was really hard to tell which parts were CGI only and which parts were “real”. (I think I’ve read somewhere it’s 40:60, actually)
The whole world Cameron invented is really beautiful. The scenery an all those little details you see in the jungle really catch the eye. It was worth watching just for that. So I would highly recommend watching the film in 3D, since that part is half the fun.
The last time I felt like that watching a film was when I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings on premiere day.

The story of Avatar is nothing too special, but nice enough. The whole “remote control”-thing was something I really liked (if you don’t look at it from too scientific a point of view ;)). It also did remind me of Tad Williams’ “Otherworld” (which, with the exception of book 2, I quite enjoyed back then), although in those books you don’t get your own grown biological avatar but only a virtual representation. Still, leaving the body behind like that to “be” in a different world with a different body is a tempting thought.