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The End of Time, Part 1 - Impressions

I got to watch “The End of Time” Part 1 yesterday. Of course I’ve been looking forward to this since “The Waters of Mars” (which I really enjoyed due to the very dark Emo!Doctor).

I’m not quite sure however how I feel about “The End of Time”. It was really fast and I had the feeling The Doctor was rushed through everything because there was no time. I had really hoped for more of a character study of The Doctor in this episode, the way it started in “The Waters of Mars”. Hopefully there will be some more of that in “The End of Time” Part 2 next week.

Of course the episode had its great moments, for example the scene in the café, when The Doctor talks to Wilf about his loneliness and his coming end. Or when The Doctor finally recognizes that the Drums in The Master’s head are real and not imagination. The two Time Lords talking about their past on Gallifrey. I also loved that The Doctor, again, tries to get The Master to team up with him, still hoping he can help him somehow. And The Master did seem tempted by the offer, didn’t he?
What I also usually enjoy about Doctor Who is the light and funny moments and I liked that even in this episode there was time for some of those (when The Doctor “unshimmers” the “Cactus-Aliens”, for example) - even though they did feel a little forced.
But of course the light-hearted feeling in this episode is  probably supposed to be subdued, as was to be expected, and I loved that very much. You do feel The Doctors pain and fear and even hopelessness, but also his determination to fight on as long as he can.

What was really strange, and I didn’t like that too much, was The Master flying around jet-pack-like, eating people and his looks changing between his normal face and “Skeletor”. I prefer to look at The Master as “your more or less common Time Lord”, using his considerable wits to reach his ends (though The Masters wits are likely very twisted indeed) instead of dubious superpowers. I look forward for more of an explanation to all of that.

And of course I can’t wait to see what’s happening to Donna after she remembers!
I’m really looking forward to “The End of Time” Part 2 now!