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9 August
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Ok, how to start.
I'm a German girl in her early thirties, who loves cats (got 2 of them), likes to read (sci-fi and fantasy mostly), listening to music and watch American or British TV-shows (right now I'm much more into British programmes) and movies. I also love all kinds of techno-gadgets (my newest acquisition being a smart phone) and I've been told I am a little nerdy, and I guess I am - but who isn't?

I watched Doctor Who (New Who) for the first time this year and fell in love with the character (and the actor ;) - after season 2) of The Doctor.
There were aspects of his character I really would have liked to see explored further (plus teh smut!) so I thought I'd try out the internet to find out if there were people who thought like me and behold: there was a huge community dedicated to this! (It really did surprise me, I didn't have any idea that something like "fan fiction" and communities for that kind of stuff did exist at all --- I know, that's naive, but you live and learn :))

I've started exploring many of the communities, people and stories you can find there until I started thinking it unfair to lurk in the dark, without acknowledging the efforts those dedicated people put into their work. So I finally created an account here as well, to participate.

I also love the English language (for no apparent reason at all) and as I had not had the opportunity to live abroad over an extended period of time yet, I made this my next aim in life: Leave "home" for a while, live in the UK (preferrably) and learn the language properly! Also I love a challenge, and right now starting a new life away from what I got used to sounds like exactly the kind of challange I'm looking for.
I'm starting with a six-week work experience in London this summer to find out if this is really something I want to (and can) do!

That's me, in a nutshell.